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Keep ZUZI! Moving

Thank you for being a part of our dance community.

We are very excited to be entering our 20th year serving Tucson with dance and performing arts. In the last year, ZUZI! has taught 15 classes per week to over 130 children, adults, and seniors. ZUZI! also had the pleasure of collaborating with dozens of local and national artists and performing for over 1100 individuals. This year we are excited to be offering our classes and performances in the newly renovated Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre, formerly ZUZI! Theater.

The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre, in partnership with ZUZI! Dance and the Historic Y, has invested over half a million dollars to renovate the ZUZI! Theater space, a performance venue that has served the community as a home for movement, dance and theatre for nearly two decades. Our newly renovated space is a fun, creative place in which artist and student alike can build, explore and thrive.

ZUZI! mission is to illuminate and empower personal expression, particularly for those who do not have full agency for their internal voices. Our classes and camps, our biannual No Frills variety show, biannual Solstice Concerts, Community Workshops, Residencies and the many dance and theater groups, all support individuals and groups in creating live art and can now do so in our beautiful, modernized home.

We believe dance is the voice of the soul and that individual perspectives shared and shaped with others create a healthy community. Your contributions are what allow us to continue our work. Your direct financial contribution, which is fully tax-deductible, will make it possible for ZUZI! to continue to develop the creativity and identity of our community.

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