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Summer Camp

High Flyin’ Arts Camp

Two 2 week sessions

  • Session 1: May 29 – June 8, 9am to 3pm
  • Session 2: July 2 – July 13, 9am to 3pm

Cost $450.00 per session

7-15 years of age

These literature based art camps allows students to explore the performing arts of music, aerial dance and creative movement as well as theater, writing, drama, visual arts and costume design. Classes will use a classic children’s story as a jumping off point for crafting choreography, creating costumes and sets, making works of art and exploring music.

This summer’s Arts Camps are based on the book Zen Shorts by Jon J Muth. Zen is a Japanese word that simply means meditation. “Zen shorts” are short meditations — ideas to puzzle over. Jon J Muth’s remarkable book provides the opportunity to teach students to apply the valuable lessons from the story to their own lives — and to also see relationships between the illustrations and the story.

One day, a giant panda named Stillwater lands in the backyard of Addy, Michael, and Karl’s house. The panda and children all introduce themselves and become friends.

The next day, Addy goes to visit Stillwater at his house just a few backyards away. Stillwater shares a cake and a story with her. This story is about Stillwater’s Uncle Ry, a poor man who is visited by a robber. Uncle Ry gives the robber his old tattered robe — the only thing he owns. But Uncle Ry is sad — if only he could have given more! The things that he treasures most are generosity and the beauty of the moon.

The next day, Michael goes to see Stillwater and hears the story of “The Farmer’s Luck.” The farmer has bad luck that turns out to be good luck. Then he has good luck that turns out to be bad luck. Michael learns that luck is random and cannot be judged or predicted.

The day after, Karl visits Stillwater. He is carrying a load of anger with him. Karl is angry that Michael always tells him what to do. Through the story of “A Heavy Load,” Karl learns the importance of letting go of anger because it gets in the way of enjoying the moment.

And this is how Addy, Michael, Karl — and Stillwater — became friends.


These camps will culminate in an integrative performance for parents and friends.

*Campers bring their own lunch, snack, and water bottle. 

Classes may include:

  • Aerial Dance
  • Creative Movement
  • Costume Design
  • Music/Drama/Theater
  • Hooping
  • Acro Yoga
  • Visual Arts
  • Poetry

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