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Beginning Aerial Trapeze Dance

Students combine dance with low-flying single point trapeze in a supportive & safe environment. In addition to learning aerial skills, students work on building spatial awareness, trust & cooperation. All levels welcome.

Intermediate Aerial Trapeze Dance

For those students with aerial experience, this class offers the next step to advancing their skills.  We will concentrate on the importance of fluidity while dancing on the trapeze as well as how to incorporate dance on the floor.  We will learn new hangs, swings and work on all skills learned previously.

Creative Movement Aerial Trapeze

This class begins with 20 minutes of creative movement that encourages free expression while teaching elements of dance including rhythm, movement quality & body awareness. After floor work children spend 30 min. exploring low –flying aerial trapeze.

The Art of Inversion

In this mixed apparatus class we will be working on aerial silks and lyra, combining elements of aerial performance with modern dance, and partner acrobatics. This class will focus on improving aerial technique as well as strength, stamina and flexibility. We will work on solo performance using aerial fabric and lyra, as well as partner moves, and how to integrate new tricks seamlessly into a performance. This class will be physically and mentally challenging, but is open to anyone and everyone and is a great way to jump start your new years resolution; whether by increasing your personal fitness or gaining a new skill set.

Beginning Aerial Silks

In this class we will explore the basics of aerial silks. Our goal is to gain familiarity and comfort with the silks. Students will learn poses and build a basic foundation of skills required to start a path in aerial silks. No prior aerial experience needed.

Skinner Releasing Dance

No experience is necessary to enjoy this innovative approach to creativity and the healing arts (yoga, body work etc.) which promotes postural alignment, movement efficiency, and tension reduction. This class weaves poetic imagery, music & tactile exercises to integrate the whole self and tap into the creative process for each individual.

Skinner Releasing Technique™ (SRT) is an innovative approach to dance and movement training developed by Joan Skinner in the early 1960s. SRT utilizes image-guided floor work to ease tension and promote an effortless kind of moving, integrated with alignment of the whole self. Tactile exercises are used to give the imagery immediate kinesthetic effect; spontaneous movement is frequently evoked by imagery and movement studies. SRT smoothly integrates technical growth with creative process. Through the 1970s, Releasing technique was taught by Joan and the American Contemporary Dance Company, primarily in Seattle, Washington. The work continues to be taught and practiced today, deeply influencing many contemporary movement artists.

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Lucid Movement Dance

This class involves movement rituals and studies rooted in Skinner Releasing Technique™ principles, images, yoga, improvisation, and authentic movement. In this class we will look at the internal landscape of the body and how it relates to the external landscape of our world. We will move bringing light to our kinesthetic movement experience to explore and expand. Lots of breathe awareness and an opportunity for gentle hands on approaches to spacious alignment, full of beauty and grace. Be prepared for some deep listening to the rhythms of the body and playful, spontaneous explosions of movement. Bring your curious self! Open to a new way of inhabiting your precious body. This class holds the space for nurturance in safety and trust.

Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement

Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons are an amazing way to learn to move with more confidence, elegance and power and improve the quality of all your actions. Specific verbally guided movement sequences present an opportunity to recognize personal movement habits that enable you to move well and also those that interfere with your intentions. The lessons range from early learning of infants and children to highly complex skills required for sports, yoga, performing arts and the martial arts. An atmosphere of non-judgment allows individuals of a wide range of ages and abilities to learn at their own pace. Moving with attention you experience a surprising ease in coordinated action. The process stimulates your innate intelligence and ability to self-correct, improving breathing, balance, flexibility and your ability to spontaneously do what you want with precision!

These ATM lessons will be specifically geared toward dancers, focusing on placement and flexibility.

Improvisational Dance (Youth & Adult)

No prior dance experience needed. These classes are designed to encourage movement expressions through improvisation techniques founded upon the free approach to dance and movement pioneered by Barbara Mettler. Students will be guided through movement explorations to build self awareness, expand movement vocabulary and discover new ways to dance. Together we create an inclusive, participatory and collaborative environment where each dancer can contribute his/her unique creative energy to the group.

Youth Modern & Ballet

Combining the fundamentals of ballet and modern dance, class begins at the barre and expands into center work and combinations. Students gain conceptual tools for understanding movement phenomena and build basic technical skills through dynamic phrases that explore the rhythmic complexity, expressive range and physicality.

Beginning Modern Dance

Develop and tone your muscles and core, while enhancing your sense of flow and coordination in space and rhythm.  Gain some solid technical skills that you can apply to any dance form, while also contributing and understanding your own creative style.  Fun and dynamic combinations are built around particular weekly themes.

Intermediate Modern Dance

This modern class emphasizes the use of floor for centering and grounding oneself in movement, and like other dance forms brings its own focus on the use of breath (inhale/exhale) to bring quality to movement. Concepts of overcurve/undercurve, contraction/release, musicality and rhythm are explored. The class incorporates an eclectic blend of contemporary and post modern movement for a style that is both quirky and organic. Students can expect a deep, fluid warm-up with an emphasis on correct alignment. Phrase material includes floor work and gives dancers the opportunity to explore their own expression and style while challenging their technique and performance abilities. Class motto: “Dance is fun!”

Beginning Flamenco

No experience necessary. Flamenco, the indigenous dance of the Gypsies of Southern Spain, is famous for its fiery, rhythmic footwork and graceful arm movements and posture. In class, technique focuses on tacaneo, braceo, postura, and marcajes. Students also learn palmas to accompany different Flamenco palos. Half the class with be spent on technique, and choreography will be set in the second half.

Intermediate Flamenco

Flamenco, the indigenous dance of the Gypsies of Southern Spain, is famous for its fiery, rhythmic footwork and graceful arm movements and posture. This class delves deeper into technique focused on tacaneo, braceo, postura, and marcajes. Students also learn palmas to accompany different Flamenco palos. Half the class with be spent on technique, and choreography will be set in the second half.


Adult Choreography Lab

An introductory class that introduces students to the principles and practices of creating dance choreography. Students will generate movement using imagination through improvisation and source exploration; manipulation of movement; creation and performance of short movement studies; and observation, critical analysis, and self-reflection. We will explore the elements of body, shape, space, and time; qualities of movement; principles of composition; and ways to modify movement phrases. Let us create together!

Aerial Choreography

This class is an approach to aerial dance through choreography (making your own dances) both in the aerial and on the floor, in a supportive and fun environment. We will explore approaching the trapezes as a way to create crafted solo dances within an image based landscape. Formal aspects of trapeze technique will also be addressed as needed but the majority of the class will be compositional and experiential. Aerial experience is required to attend these classes.


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