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What is a residency?

ZUZI! cooperates with schools and community groups to develop and implement successful, goal specific creative programming. Together, we identify individual needs and customize workshops to fit the diverse range of groups we work with.  Through modern and aerial dance, Skinner Releasing and workshopping, ZUZI educators relate the creative process to learning, enhance teamwork and leadership skills, feed the imagination, encourage confidence and help bring awareness and healing to the body. 


Mirasol is a residential eating disorder center dedicated to integrative treatment of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating. We believe that eating disorders are the result of chronic stress and trauma, and emphasize therapies that have proven successful in the treatment of other stress-related conditions.

ZUZI! has been providing Dance/Movement Therapy through Mirasol since 2007, helping clients improve self-esteem, body image, and self-awareness by expanding their movement vocabulary and creating new coping skills.


Paulo Freire Freedom School

Paulo Freire Freedom School provides young adolescents with an innovative educational program that ensures they are prepared for the 21st Century.  Freedom School students are deeply engaged in learning about issues that are real and relevant and that directly impact their lives and the community they live in.  As small schools, they are able to know each student well as an individual and celebrate who they are and what they can contribute.  PFFS designs learning that will support students’ specific learning needs, push them to continue to grow, and highlight their unique gifts and talents.  It is Paulo Freire Freedom School’s mission to ‘promote powerful, transformative teaching and learning within appropriately structured learning environments dedicated to the integral development of individuals and communities for a more just and sustainable world’.

ZUZI! has been providing physical education to Freedom School students through dance, yoga, mime, hooping, and aerial arts since 2005.

Green Fields School

Green Fields School has been helping prepare students to succeed at the best colleges in the nation and in life, since 1933. We have a proud tradition of excellence, and a teaching philosophy of experiential learning with hands-on projects that go well beyond the classroom to truly inspire our students — and teach them to think differently, critically and responsibly. Our class sizes are small, and our curriculum both innovative and comprehensive. Our faculty is equally exceptional. Talented teachers encourage students to explore their passions and potential in academics, the arts and athletics, as well as through programs like Senior Masterwork, Beyond Boundaries and Issue Day.

ZUZI! has been providing a week long literature based camp for Green Fields since 2009, engaging students in developing their creativity through aerial dance, creative movement, hooping, theater, and visual arts.

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