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Skinner Releasing Technique™ (SRT)

“It is a powerful form of play.”

Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) is an innovative approach to dance and movement training developed by Joan Skinner in the early 1960s.

Catalina Mountains by Huajilla Huebbe

SRT reveals the natural grace in every human being and taps into transforming states of consciousness that awaken the Dance within. SRT lets us practice letting go: letting go of stress, letting go of unnecessary holding in our body, letting go of pre-conceptions about what is supposed to happen, letting go of fear of awkwardness, letting go of the belief that we somehow don’t have the “right body.”

Through this practice we find energy and power and rediscovery of our natural alignment, improving strength and flexibility, and awakening creativity and spontaneity.

The poetic imagery used in SRT often conveys a sense of effortlessness – of being moved rather than commanding movement – and fosters a safe environment in which the individual can release excess tension and open into spaciousness.

Tactile exercises are used to give the imagery immediate physical effect in the movements of participants.

Who can benefit from SRT?

  • Anyone who wants to move in a new and enlivening way.
  • Anyone who would like to find beauty in self discovery.
  • Anyone who is curious about a more expanded, spacious, grounded and multi-directional alignment.
  • Anyone who wants to free creativity or creative blocks.
  • Dance choreographers and improvisers.
What does a class with Nanette include?

  • Guided visualizations.
  • Individual movement time.
  • Music specifically chosen to enhance the visualization and movement experience.
  • Partner graphics- a gentle, specific hands on reminder of how our body can move more effortlessly.
  • A deepening of one’s movement practice.

Skeletal Spaces

Become an inner landscape

of crystal clear pools

now and then…

sunlight casts radiance into the pools

they shimmer for a moment

then become still and clear once more.

~Joan Skinner