The Historic Y is located in the historic West University neighborhood, one block from vibrant and bustling Fourth Avenue and the Epic Cafe and 1/2 mile from the University of Arizona and Main Gate Square to the east and Downtown Tucson to the south.

Classes will be located in the Conference Room located in the hallway North of the Main Lobby (leading to the Courtyard). Please see the floor plan below…

The Historic Y is an historically and architecturally significant full-service professional office complex located in the heart of Tucson.

The Historic Y is a vibrant, artistically and progressively oriented community, home to many of Tucson’s pre-eminent non-profit environmental, conservation, educational, cultural, social justice and community service organizations, including Tucson Audubon Society, Paulo Freire Freedom School, Florence Project Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, Tucson CSA, Earlham College Border Studies Program and Earn to Learn. The Historic Y provides a powerful force in the Tucson community for promoting human rights, environmental sustainability, and respect for nature and diversity.

Dedicated to the arts, education, social justice, and the environment

It is also home to a variety of visual, performing and healing arts professionals and organizations, promoting individual enrichment, personal health and creative self-expression.

The Historic Y is a vibrant dance and performing arts center, home to The Rogue Theatre, ZUZI! Dance, Bennett Theatre Lab, The Human Communication Studio and, opening in September 2017, The Scoundrel and Scamp Theatre. 

The highly awarded Rogue Theatre is dedicated to and acclaimed for creating the highest quality theatre possible, challenging, stretching, and invigorating our community by presenting plays which offer complex and provocative points of view related to important social, political, and personal issues.

Opening in September 2017, the newest theatre in Tucson, The Scoundrel & Scamp, will immerse, challenge and invigorate our community in theatrical works ranging from classics to new in a space where local artists and cross-generational audiences alike explore deep and provocative questions regarding self, tribe, life, death and what it ultimately means to be human, striving to cultivate the next generation of theatre artists through collaboration, imagination, inquiry, and training.

ZUZI! is a non-profit arts service organization committed to catalyzing personal expression and healing through movement-based art forms and somatic practices for people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities offering classes, workshops, and performances for our community to fully experience live art.

The Historic Y offers a plethora of ways for you to be stimulated, challenged, entertained and inspired, and for your mind, body, spirit and soul to be nourished and rejuvenated. More than a nice building containing a collection of offices, it is a community in the truest sense of the word, a microcosm of our city at large, a place of constant activity and excitement, where people are dedicating themselves to noble pursuits and embodying that which is best in all of us.

Distinctive architecture


The main building at The Historic Y was designed by Annie Graham Rockfellow to house the YWCA of Tucson and completed in 1930. Expanded in the 40’s and 50’s, the entire complex was updated and converted to offices in the 1980’s, with care to preserve the original architectural features that lend the building its wonderful charm and character.