Rhythm Industry Performance Factory is one of Tucson’s most crucial arts incubator spaces!

Rhythm Industry Performance Factory is an artist-owned incubator space dedicated to the creation and rehearsal of performance art. We manufacture loud, large and unusual art at the Factory, so that it may be presented elsewhere. Most of the groups working out of the studio welcome observers and teach classes and all are welcome to contact the groups individually for more information.

Located a few blocks south of downtown near Park Ave. and 22nd Street, in the historic Millville neighborhood, the Factory has plenty of free parking.

Rhythm Industry Review 

The quarterly Review is one of the only public events at the studio. Part mixer, part recital, part showcase, the Reviews are an opportunity to interact informally with audiences, show works in progress, provide students with an opportunity to show off what they’ve learned, and to get feedback. It’s also a way all the groups work together to raise funds to support the studio, to broaden audience, and attract new students & supporters. Of the suggested $15 donation to attend the Review, we use 90% to help pay the mortgage and 10% goes to a project that one of the participating groups is involved in, such as the All Souls Procession or Carnaval.

RIPF has become a mainstay for some of Tucson’s most well known performers such as:

And now the temporary home for ZUZI! Dance.

Though Odaiko Sonora handles the bulk of administrative and financial burden, the space operates as a collective. All of the groups pitch in to keep the place open, whether that means fixing the coolers, rigging lights, cleaning the bathrooms or buying water filters. All of the groups enjoy perks for those investments of time and energy, whether that means being able to store a roomful of drums at no cost or having premium access to the dance floor in the larger space.