ZUZI! Theater is being remodeling this summer and we'll be under construction as of July 15th!!

Classes will resume September 11th in our brand new space! 

July 15th starting at 3pm & July 16th all day, we'll be having a HUGE remodeling sale!

Costumes, church pew theater seating, chairs, office equipment & supplies, lighting equipment, and much more... It all has to go!


Theater : Rental Information

photoThe following spaces are available to rent by the hour or the day:


  • A versatile Theater space with a 1280 sq. ft. stage
  • 135 tiered seats
  • Professional sound system and lighting, ideal for classes, rehearsals, workshops and performances
  • Use of Building lobby for audience entrance and ticket booth
  • use of East studio for green room


  • Theater studio, 1280 sq. ft., $70/hour, suspended wood floor with Marley coating
  • East Studio, 720 sq. ft., $25/hour, suspended wood floor with Marley coating


ZUZI! Theater

ZUZIHome of ZUZI! Dance, ZUZI! Theater is perfectly suited to accommodate classes, rehearsals and workshops as well as performances. Its large size and many features make it a wonderful and versatile classroom and rehearsal space. ZUZI! is proud to host a wide array of classes taught by local artists. Instructors of ballet, flamenco, afro-modern, and martial arts have called ZUZI! home.

ZUZI! Theater rents for:

$70/hour for studio rentals
$50/hour non-profit rate


Performance price $350.00
Non-Profit Rate $300.00


Matinee rate (held on same day as evening performance): $200.00
Non-profit Rate $150.00


Load-in/Dress/Tech Rehearsal $125.00 (4 hrs)

  • Approx. 1280 sq. ft stage space plus off-floor space and 135 seats for observation
  • Use of Historic Y Lobby for audience entrance and box office
  • Built in Sound Sound System
  • 36 channel dimmer pack
  • Extra Curtains may be hung to add wings or change stage depth

An additional $75 (NP: $50) fee applies for cleaning each weekend, and $125 (NP: $100) for a theater manager for each performance or $25/hr (NP: $20/hr) technical consultant.

ZUZI! prides itself on helping fellow community-based organizations. If your group demonstrates compelling financial strain, ZUZI! is willing to negotiate the theater rental fee in exchange for a percentage of the door. Call 520-629-0237 for more information.

Click here to download the floor plan. Click here to download the house hang.


East Studio

East StudioFeaturing plenty of natural light and high ceilings, this spacious studio is well adapted for large classes and group rehearsals. The East Studio features the longest stretch of mirrors in any of our studios.

The East Studio rents for $25/hr

  • Approx. 720 sq. ft (18’x40’) with additional space off the dance floor
  • Kept comfortable year round with air conditioning and portable electric heaters
  • Custom-built suspended dance floor
  • A complete mirrored wall 33’ long
  • 35 feet of ballet barre on wall opposite mirror at two heights: 44” and 36”
  • Ample area for parent or spectator seating
  • South-facing window lets in beautiful natural light


Want to make ZUZI! your artistic home? Find out about PACZ here!