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Meet the ZUZI! Musicians

The musicians are available to book for your event! Just call 520-629-0237 or email zuzisphere@gmail.com for more information.

Pablo Peregrina

At the age of seven I first listened and learned Beatles songs in Spanish. My influences were the group “Los Apson” known as the Mexican Beatles, and my older brother who was  a drummer.  I remember begging my mother to let me wear my Beatles boots for my first Holy Communion. She said “NO! are you out of your mind?” The night before I kept staring at my boots trying to figure out a plan to wear them to church.  On that special day I snuck back into the my bedroom, put them on , got in the car before being caught by one of my five sisters, and was sent back to change shoes.  I felt special because I was a lefty. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

Glenn Weyant

A Tucson-based sound activist working with traditional and improvised instruments for more than four decades. Over the past two decades Weyant's sound work has been primarily focused on using a cello bow and implements of mass percussion to “play” the Sonoran Desert’s assorted ephemera, both natural and human. His sound work has been been featured internationally in films, books, photographs, audio recordings and sound installations. Weyant's most recent work is a three part suite composed entirely from City of Tucson field recordings titled: The Sonorous Desert City Project. In 2012 Weyant’s performance of John Cage’s 4' 33" performed upon the Nogales Border Wall was included in the New York Public Library/John Cage Trust retrospective: John Cage unbound A Living Archive. http://www.sonicanta.com/.

Sally Withers

Her first experience with ZUZI! was as a Community Dancer in the 2000 Winter Solstice Performance.  After many dance performances, she began to sing and play keyboard for several performances as a member of the  band, “Water On The Rocks”.  In May, 2009, she played and sang in ZUZI ! rendition of “Like a Lotus Resting in Fire: The Great Dance”, a rock opera written by Hoshin Gupta, leader and founder of “Water On The Rocks”.  Sally is a Montessori preschool teacher at Hermosa Montessori School She absolutely adores ZUZI! and the amazing creative and collaborative process that characterizes all of their work.

Paul Docken

Paul was born and raised in the Midwest and has lived on both coasts and overseas. He and his late wife Toni homesteaded in the Maine woods where he has lived off the grid since 1973. Paul co-founded an independent elementary school in 1985 and taught there before migrating to Arizona from Maine in the mid-nineties and working in schools here for eight years. He still calls both places home and is currently living in Tubac with his partner Donna Chamisa. Paul had classical training on the violin from childhood through college. He then pursued musical training and performance through the years in many other styles, especially his lifelong love and fascination with jazz and other improvised music.