School: Teacher Bios

Nanette Robinson, choreographer, educator and dancer is ZUZI! Co-Founder and Director of Arts Education, holds a BFA in Dance from Temple University and is an introductory and ongoing certified instructor of Skinner Releasing.   She has travelled internationally teaching and performing and has extensive experience as an aerial dancer and teacher having worked with Robert Davidson and Terry Sendgraff. Nanette’s choreography has been showcased locally with O-T-O, Zenith Dance Collective, Arts for All, University of Arizona Dance Department, Rick Wamer, “Mythos” Project, NEW ARTiculations, Funhouse Movement Theater, The Tucson Poetry Festival, the ADAA Showcase and the Flagstaff Summer Dance Festival. Nanette is currently teaching at Paolo Freire School, with Mirasol Recovery Treatment Program and ZUZI! School.  She is thrilled to be a part of ZUZI!. It has been her home and artistic toolbox for creating dances,  flying, teaching and working with all levels and ages of dance lovers.
Monica Weinheimer Boccio Monica Weinheimer Boccio has been studying modern dance and aerial arts since 2004. She has performed with Peggy Soomil Dance Company, ZUZI!, Flam Chen, Murphy Speaking Films, Sugarbeast Circus, and Circus School of Arizona. She has performed solo work in Tucson, Phoenix, Ann Arbor, and Cleveland, and in 2015 directed the contemporary circus show Lily in the Argon Forest. She especially enjoys exploring the frontier between ground and air in dance.

Stephanie Cortes is a co-founder, co-owner, and artistic director of Cirque Roots Studio and Productions. Stephanie has choreographed many shows for the past three years, and performed for a variety of audiences and venues. Modern hoop dance has been her primary performance art, however her excitement and interests has led to an expansion of skills including aerial hoop, fire dance, stilt dance, and acrobatics. She has a passion for teaching and thrives to inspire creativity, confidence, and happiness in every student. 

Cesar R. Degollado

Cesar R. Degollado, a native of Mexico, has worked as a dancer with well known choreographers and has performed world-renowned choreography by George Balanchine, Anthony Tudor, Paul Taylor and Ben Stevenson. He has traveled as a performer to Amsterdam, Germany, London, Scotland, Mexico, Venezuela, Japan, and Thailand, as well as throughout the United States. He worked with Ballet Tucson for seventeen seasons where his credits as a dancer involved principal, soloist, and corps de ballet roles. He shared the role of rehearsal assistant with Ballet Tucson, Ballet Master for Ballet Tucson 2, and Ballet Tucson's Regisseure, and Outreach Development Coordinator. César served twelve years as faculty at Ballet Arts including ten years as faculty for Ballet Tucson Summer Dance Workshop. Mr. Degollado founded ConDanza, a Contemporary Repertoire Company and a Community Outreach Project that originated in Stockholm, Sweden, officially moving operations to Tucson, AZ in 2009. His information is eclectic and rooted in tradition. 

Aja Knaub

Aja Squires is the assistant school director for O-T-O Dance and has been teaching and performing with them for four years. She started her performance training in the theatre arts and moved to dance when she discovered the aerial apparatus, flying and suspending movement in the air. She began 9 years ago on the low flying trapeze under the tutelage of Patti Lopez and the Arivaca Arts Council. In Tucson, she expanded this skill with Annie Bunker, Charles Thompson and Nate Dryden. She has taken workshops with Robert Davidson, Nancy Smith of Frequent Flyers Productions, Terry Sendgraff, the trapeze twins Elsie and Serenity Smith, and French aerialists Jacques Bertrand and Frédérique Debitte. She is excited to be teaching for ZUZI!

 Karyn Reim by Rick Foster

Karyn Reim has had an eclectic ballet education that culminated with a BFA and BA in dance performance and choreography from Shenandoah University. Though not a ballerina herself, she believes good dance technique, presentation, and discipline begin with a strong ballet foundation.  Her modern dance, Pilates, and yoga studies will also likely influence her teaching style. Come explore a powerful and elegant dance technique!.

Tammy Rosen Wilbur

Tammy Rosen Wilbur is the co-founder and former director of NEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre for which she choreographed, performed and taught.  She is also the founder of The DanceLoft, where she still teaches. In addition to NEW ART, she performed with FUNHOUSE Movement Theater, Tenth Street Danceworks and O-T-O Dance.  She is a practitioner of the Feldenkrais Method® of somatic education.


Jasmine Roth is a NH native who holds her bachelors degree from Union College in upstate NY. Jasmine graduated with her Bachelors in Theater Arts while having  minors in dance and storytelling. In addition to her college training in modern, jazz, tap, and ballet, Jasmine trained in ballet with Edith Toff at Northeastern Ballet Theater, in tradition Vietnamese dance at the National Theater of Vietnam. Jasmine also works professionally as an actor and director of theater and loves to combine her love of theater with dance to creative movement theater pieces. In addition to teaching at ZUZI! Jasmine teaches at Diverse Dance, the CFSD Community Schools program, and Christian Youth Theater. 


Serena Cathedral


Serena Tang brings a unique perspective to her AcroYoga practice. She fuses performance art, capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art), dance, and partner acrobatics in her art. She has taught workshops internationally, including Europe, Canada, Mexico, as well as across the US. Serena received her AcroYoga Montréal teaching certification in 2010 and assists in their teacher trainings. She performs with Flight School Acro, Cirque Roots, and teaches AcroYoga in Tucson, Arizona.

 Debby Urken Debby Urken has led writing, expressive arts and movement groups in Tucson for more than five years. She is a member of ZUZI! Dance Company. Debby holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Brain and Behavioral Science from Cornell University. She is also a certified Let Your Yoga Dance® teacher and Journey Dance™ teacher.
LeighAnn Rangel Sotomayor LeighAnn Rangel Sotomayor currently works at Pima Community College Center for the Arts. She was the co-founder and director of NEW ARTiculations Dance Theatre for 10 years. LeighAnn has a Bachelor's Degree in Dance from the University of Georgia and a Master's Degree in Dance from the University of Arizona
Billbob Brown Billbob Brown was Chair of the School of Dance at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts, and before that the director of the Dance Program at UMass Amherst.  Co-founder and artistic director of Desert Dance Theatre in Phoenix (now in its 36th year) in the 1980s, he has performed and taught across the globe, including tours in Japan, Thailand, Great Britain, and Mexico; created shows for the Utah Shakespearean Festival, and choreographed and performed in TV work and commercials for the Chicago Cubs, Molson Canadian Beer, Disney Studios, and ABC-TV, which have received numerous awards.  He has toured internationally with the Bill Evans Dance Company, and was director of Buen Viaje Dancers, a group of people with disabilities. His Emmy-award winning video, "Opening Doors," with Buen Viaje, has been seen on PBS stations across the country.  His teaching and choreography emphasize spatial and energetic awareness, community and social connectivity, through humor, serious topics, and digital arts.