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2015 Fall Schedule

Contemporary flyer

Tammy Rosen

New Class Added: Modern/Contemporary with Tammy Rosen

Mondays, November 16, 23, 30, December 7
6:30 - 8:00 PM 
Cost: $13 drop-in, $48 for all four
Ages: 14+

This modern/contemporary class incorporates an eclectic blend of contemporary and post modern movement for a style that is both quirky and organic. Students can expect a deep, fluid warm-up with an emphasis on correct alignment and the fundamentals of Feldenkrais Method(R).  Phrase material includes floor work and gives dancers the opportunity to explore their own expression and style while challenging their technique and performance abilities. Class motto: "Dance is fun!"   (level: intermediate)

Guest Artist Series:

Debby Urken

Monday, November 23 - Authentic Movement with Debby Urken
6:30pm - 8:00pm (90 mins)

Authentic movement is a contemplative movement practice that encourages us to “see” clearly. In authentic movement, we learn to pay attention to the physical sensations, feelings, and impulses that arise in our bodies, the subtleties of others’ movement, and our habitual patterns of interacting with others and the environment. As we alternate between moving freely with our eyes closed and witnessing others’ movement with an open mind and heart, we reground ourselves in the present moment. Through journaling, drawing and group sharing, personal and collective stories emerge. All levels welcome; no experience necessary.

Monday, November 30 & Wednesday, December 2 - Developmental Patterning (Body-Mind Centering-based Somatic Practice) with Melissa Buckheit
6:30pm - 8:00pm (90 mins)

Melissa Buckheit

In these two classes, we'll explore the foundations of early Developmental Movement Patterning informed by Body-Mind Centering--for dancers, movement practitioners as well as people with no previous movement experience. Annie Brook, a Body Mind Centering teacher and practitioner based out of Boulder, CO, developed and taught sequences of individual and group somatic movements and practices, based on the principles of Body-Mind Centering, through the graduate program in Movement Therapy at Naropa University. These practices allow adults, teens and children alike to re-pattern and re-integrate essential developmental reflexes and movement patterns which are foundational to all upright movement, including locomotion and dance. Oftentimes, individuals, for a variety of physical, emotional and exogenous reasons, will skip or bypass specific developmental patterns, often leading to physical limitations, pain, lack of coordination, nervous system imbalance and lack of emotional resourcing. Moving through early patterns into more complex ones, individually and with partners, while exploring the movement qualities of other beings--such as the Sea Squirt who embody these early patterns--will lay the foundation for individually-initiated grounding, healing and body freedom.

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