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Summer Solstice – A Return to Darkness

2017: A Dance Concert

ZUZI! Dance, Chaos Theory Dance, Funhouse Movement Theater, Mirela Roza and Dancers, and MAC & Company, shared the stage for a Summer Solstice concert focusing on themes of embodiment, temporal presence, love, and letting go.

ZUZI! Dance featured dances by choreographers Nanette Robinson, Aarlin Acuña, and Maddie Brown, including an excerpt from ZUZI!’s Frida Kahlo showcase.

Chaos Theory Dance, a “quick-come-pick-me-up” company directed by Billbob Brown since 1999, takes its name from the science of complexity. Through improvisation and set choreography, interactions with musicians, video, cartoons, or dialogue, and with a lot of zaniness, CTD makes work that is fun and emotionally accessible.

Funhouse Movement Theater, with artistic director Sherry Mulholland, creates quality dance programs providing dance education opportunities to the public, including their award-winning Youth Outreach Program, and encourages collaboration within the dance community, focusing on the importance of the arts in our lives.

Mirela Roza was born in Fortaleza Brazil where she received most of her dance training with Tatiana Leskova from the Original Ballets Russe. She is currently employed as Adjunct Faculty at Pima Community College and in her short time there she has found that her background in education, performance, and choreography has helped her contribute to the activities and culture of the department.

2018: Journeys

A journey is a trip taken in either physical or spiritual space which causes the traveler to grow, change, and evolve. It is undertaken with a measure of faith that the universe will provide, with the intention that the person will not return unchanged, and with awareness that everything encountered on the path is relevant. ~Nanette Robinson, ZUZI! Dance

Every day across the world people make the difficult decision to leave their homes. War, persecution, environmental disaster and poverty are just some of the reasons why a person might feel that they have to leave their family, community or country.

Refugees leave their country because they have no other choice and fear for their own life or safety or that of their family. Refugees also flee their country when their government will not or cannot protect them from serious human rights abuses.
Right now, as you read this, almost 10 million refugees around the world are fleeing political and religious persecution, ethnic conflict, and violence because of their sexual orientation.

There are many reasons that people become refugees, but only a few ways to obtain the protection they so desperately need. International agencies and local organizations do their best to assist everyone, but caring for the world’s most vulnerable is a daunting task. We must all raise our voices to protect the persecuted.

It takes courage to break the cycle of mindless obedience. ~Karenne Koo, Dancesequences Inc.

ZUZI! Dance, Dancesequences, MAC & Company, and Mirela Roza & Dancers shared the stage for a Summer Solstice concert highlighting performances touching on the feelings of love, loss, and letting go humans experience during migrations of body & soul.

Through a collaboration of dance, music, and spoken word poetry, these companies & choreographers created an emotionally moving, deeply impactful performance. The emotion of the show was palpable, leading the audience on a journey of the soul, through the hardship of loss & separation, the heartache of never knowing if loved ones will be seen again, and the incredible strength it takes to continue on our individual journeys of both body & soul.

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