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Spring Concerts

2006: ZUZI! Goes Seuss

Based on the well loved stories of Dr. Seuss, with choreography from ZUZI! Dance and guest artist collaborators Kevin Johnson, Director of Arizona Onstage Productions, and Rick Wamer & Lorie Heald of Theatrical Mime Theatre.

Always innovative and surprising, ZUZI! brought Theodor Geisels crazy contraptions and whimsical creatures to life in an array of upbeat, unique and funny dances, combining modern and aerial dance, theater and mime. Pieces ranged from a quirky upbeat duet on roller skates choreographed by Nathan Dryden and Jennifer Hoefle, to a look into a child’s dream of a circus in “If I Ran the Circus,” choreographed by Nanette Robinson and Nathan Dryden. Co-facilitators Nanette Robinson and Jennifer Hoefle adapted the “Sneetches” story, highlighting the idea of acceptance and friendship, and ZUZI! dancers dared to explore the world of mime with a piece by Rick Wamer & Lorie Heald from the timeless Seuss story, “Sam I AM.”

ZUZI! dancers: Jennifer Hoefle, Wendy Joy, Nathan Dryden, Amber Eubanks, Alison Chafin, Yumi Shirai, Bridget Gunning, Carie Schneider, Lia Greisser, and Nicole Buffan.

2010: Crossing Boundaries

This meaningful and timely thematic dance concert dealt with challenges around local and international border issues using the language of dance, aerial, live music, and theater. The concert featured special guest artists:

  • Musician Pablo Peregrina and Latina Dance Project featuring local dancer Eva Tessler & LA artist Licia Perea
  • “New Moon over Juarez” by Eva Tessler, text by Victor Hugo Rascon Banda and music by William Campbell
  • An art display of objects and clothing found in the desert by Artist Debbi McCullough in the newly opened Historic “Y” Art Gallery.

Featuring performances addressing how many of our ancestors have come from somewhere else, leaving their homes and families to journey to a foreign land to start anew, the Israeli Wall, and personal boundaries.


2011/2012: Come Together

“Come Together” – a dance and live music concert inspired by Beatles music.

This timeless dance concert blended live music interpretations of some of the best-loved Beatles songs with original recorded Beatles songs using the language of modern dance, aerial dance, and hip hop.

The concert featured special musical guest artists:

  • Pablo Peregrina
  • Ernest Votto
  • Chet Gardiner
  • Lance Swain
  • Bubba Fass
  • Randy Omdhal
  • Grace Hartman
  • Jackie and Sally Withers.

This collaborative show also featured fanciful costumes and puppets by Puppets Amongus which included puppeteers Matt and Sarah Cotten.

The choreographers included ZUZI! Artistic Director, Nanette Robinson, ZUZI! Apprentice Director, Sara Anderson, ZUZI! Many Limbs Youth Company Director, Alison Hart, and Company members Mechelle Flemming, Carie Schneider, Monica Weinheimer, and special guest artist Darrell Wilmore.

This concert showcased a company committed to giving voice to both its collective and individual visions!

2013: Primavera

ZUZI! Dance Company celebrated the spring with a performance of modern and aerial dance with choreography by ZUZI! Artistic Director Nanette Robinson, ZUZI! Apprentice Company Director Mechelle Tunstall, and ZUZI! Many Limbs Youth Company Director, Carie Schneider. ZUZI! Company members Elizabeth Breck, Sky Dominguez, Sara Anderson, and Jamey Garner also presented choreography, along with Apprentice Company members, Amelia Marsh and Galyn Sumida Ross. Special guest musical artist Pablo Peregrina opened the show each night with his unique and powerful voice.

Come and celebrate the spring with Primavera!


2014: Powerful Women

2015: In the Moment with ConDanza

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