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Larry Hanelin - Photographer
I have been interested in photography for many years and I have been able to intensely pursue this field for the past five years. I have always been fascinated by "bodies in motion" and have found dance to be an ideal fit for my interests in photography and motion. It is very challenging to capture the energy and feeling of a dance, the graceful movements of the dancers and accurately document the intent of the choreographer.

I am also very interested in portraiture, photojournalism and landscape photography.

I have had the great priviledge of working with Zuzi theater, New ARTiculations, Funhouse Movement theater, Theatrical Mime Theatre, The Thom Lewis Company, Dance Force-1, University/Rincon High School Dance Company and the University of Arizona School of Dance. Each company and school has its own signature and all have wonderful dancers.



Seth Pepper is a renaissance man of the little digital box called a computer. He started out his formal training by graduating from the University of Arizona and going on to attend UCLA Film School while managing The World Famous Comedy Store and performing in Los Angeles. After years of living in LA and NYC, Seth decided to relocate his company Zam Entertainment to be closer to his family in the Old Pueblo. Seth now enjoys working with local and national artists of all media types ranging from Film to Music to Internet mediums. His independent films that he wrote, directed and produced -- have been selected as finalist in national festivals. He has worked as cameraman on major film studio movies shooting on location in Arizona. His music has been played on FM airwaves. His website and business partnership portfolio extends into a variety of markets, as well as cutting edge technology applications. Seth enjoys the challenge of growing beyond boundaries. He has gone from a National Champion swimmer, to a male model for Ralph Lauren Polo, to working and succeeding in the competitive industry of entertainment. Seth loves what he does and is excited about what project is next around the corner.

Seth Pepper
6890 Sunrise Dr., Ste. 120-261
Tucson, AZ 85750




David Hostetler