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photoCustomized Dance Workshops

Schools - Youth and Adult Aerial Birthday Parties - Company Parties

Breathe life into your classroom or party by exploring movement arts at ZUZI! Accessible to all, these customized workshops will energize the bodies and minds of children and adults alike.

  • relate the creative process to learning
  • enhance teamwork and leadership skills
  • enjoy a new type of party


ZUZI! works with the Arizona arts education standards.

Let us plan a fun and enriching fieldtrip that focuses on one or several aspects of dance and performance art.

  • Experiment with aerial dance on low-flying trapeze
  • Use personal experience and stories to create movement compositions
  • Describe how dance may be used to express moods and ideas
  • Discover how music and voice influence dance
  • Identify and examine the technical aspects of performance art


Matinee Performances - See the creative process come alive!

matineeVisit ZUZI! Theater for an intimate and mesmerizing performance that will stimulate student’s curiosity and creativity. ZUZI! Dance embraces a unique integration of personal narrative, creative movement, choreographic principles, and aerial dance on the one point trapeze.

Call 520-629-0227 for upcoming performance dates and details.


ZUZI! has worked with TUSD’s Project OMA and has worked with Lynn Urquides, Keen, Second Street School, Drexel, Sam Hughes, Indian Oasis, Utterback Middle School, Green Fields Country Day School, Paolo Freire Freedom School, and City High, along with other local schools. References available upon request.