ZUZI|Dance Company

About ZUZI!



INNOVATION: Embracing the history and tradition of modern dance and responding to current trends in the field, in society, and in the arts, ZUZI! creates forward-thinking, cutting-edge aerial and contemporary dance works, contributing to the ongoing cultural conversation in the world of dance.

INSPIRATION: ZUZI! cultivates an environment which inspires and enables dancers of all backgrounds to discover their potential, strive for excellence, improve their technique, and investigate new forms and pathways for creative expression. ZUZI! engages audiences through high-caliber performances and works that inspire creative thinking about the world we share.

CONNECTION: ZUZI! crafts programs and performances that encourage participation and forge meaningful links between artists and audiences. We believe that dance doesn’t just happen on the stage: through classes, workshops, residencies, public performances, and site-specific works, ZUZI! reaches beyond our walls, brings people together, and affirms that skills for dance are skills for life.

COMMUNITY: ZUZI! provides a home for artists, teachers, and performers from throughout Southern Arizona and across the world. Our theater is a hub for the performing arts, a welcoming space that brings the dance community together. Through partnerships with local and national community organizations, ZUZI! works with schools, retirement homes, care centers, and recovery groups, offering healing, renewal, and unity through the power of dance.

ACCESSIBILITY: If you want to dance, we will make it happen. ZUZI! embraces dancers of all backgrounds, ages, sizes, orientations, and abilities, facilitating participation and connection between diverse segments of the population. Our commitment to affordability enables dancers from any socio-economic status to participate, providing work-trade and scholarship opportunities so that everyone has a chance to dance.

VIABILITY: ZUZI!’s unique theater and studio space provides a permanent home for our company and school, as well as an affordable, accessible performance venue for local artists, performers, and community organizations. ZUZI! is self-supporting through rental and instructional income, and we support fellow artists and arts groups through the use of the theater and studio space, contributing to the vitality and viability of Tucson’s dance and performing arts community.

SUSTAINIBILITY: ZUZI! provides resources that help make Tucson a viable place for artists to develop sustainable, prosperous careers.  We are committed to fostering the next generation of dancers and choreographers, and cultivating the expanding presence of dance in Southern Arizona. ZUZI! advocates for fellow arts organizations, and encourages appreciation for the value of dance in culture and society. We combine ambitious artistic goals with pragmatic financial planning, and our organizational integrity and sound business practices have kept ZUZI! moving for the past 15 years – and into the future!

Mission Statement:

ZUZI! Dance is a non-profit arts service organization committed to catalyzing personal expression and healing for people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. Through movement-based art forms and somatic practices, ZUZI! Dance provides opportunities and resources for individuals to discover and confidently navigate their creative paths. We offer classes, workshops, and performances for our community to fully experience live art.

Every Day We:

  • Support and advance emerging artists and ideas through instruction, residencies, and creative exchange.
  • Enable access to our studios and theater space for community performers, artists, and instructors.
  • Provide quality dance and movement education to students of all ages and abilities in a broad range of movement styles including aerial dance, modern, ballet, improvisation, Skinner Releasing, and contemporary dance.
  • Produce programs that introduce audiences and community members to a wide spectrum of contemporary dance forms, bringing in local and regional talent.
  • Provide outreach programs that engage minds and encourage participation, promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and meaningful links between artists and the community.
  • Foster dance literacy and advocate for dance as an essential component of the cultural vitality of our city, state, and country. 

ZUZI! strives to lead as an artist-driven, community-centered dance space where we create partnerships and collaboration through education, artist support, and public performance.

ZUZI! envisions Tucson as a city where contemporary dance is a regular part of the cultural landscape, where movement artists are valued for their important contributions to culture and society.

ZUZI! keeps moving so we can keep our community moving!

What is ZUZI!?

History and Organization:
ZUZI! is a non-profit arts organization founded in 1998 by Nanette Robinson. In October 1998 ZUZI! moved into its current home in the Historic Y in Tucson, Arizona. The original vision was to create a theater space that would be a home to ZUZI! Dance Company and would support dance in Tucson by emphasizing collaboration, diversity, and inclusiveness. ZUZI! is currently operated by co-founder Nanette Robinson, office coordinator Tala, CFO June Rettig, and a Board of Directors comprised of Tucson community members. 

ZUZI! Dance:

  • A revitalized approach to the existing company, focusing on project driven concerts and audition process.
  • ZUZI! Youth Ensemble, comprised of elementary and middle school aged students, who focus on developing dance and leadership skills as well as performing at community outreach events.

ZUZI! School:

  • Year-round classes in diverse movement disciplines, targeted to dancers and non-dancers of all ages and abilities.
  • Unique summer-camp program offering literacy-based performance arts camps and dance-intensive camps to students ages 7-15.
  • Instructors for school residencies, field trips, and community classes taught throughout the region.

ZUZI! Theater:

  • An intimate, custom-built theater with full lighting and audio capabilities, seating 150 patrons, available to rent for community groups and performers.
  • One studio space in addition to the theater, ideal for classes, workshops, and rehearsals.
  • Ideally located near Tucson’s downtown and University districts, in the beautiful Historic Y.