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ZUZI! Happenings


Classes at the Historic Y will be located in the Conference Room located in the hallway north of the lobby (leading to the Courtyard) & the Upstairs Lobby located up the staircase to the East of the First Floor Lobby (by the mailboxes). Please see the floor plans below…

The Renovation

ZUZI! URGENT Class Update –
Due to delays in the renovation of the theater, we will be postponing all aerial classes until November 6th.
UPDATED Class Schedule as follows…
Beginning week of October 30th –
Adult Improv – conference room
Adult choreography – conference room
Intermediate modern w Tammy – upstairs lobby
Feldenkrais – conference room
Intermediate Flamenco – as scheduled
Youth/Ballet Modern – as scheduled
Beginning Flamenco – as scheduled
Skinner Releasing (Sunday) – as schedule
Postponed until week of November 6th –
Aerial Trapeze with Aja
Skinner Releasing with Nan
Beginning Aerial Trapeze with Maddie
Intermediate Aerial Trapeze with Aja
Creative Movement Aerial with Nan
Intermediate Aerial Trapeze with Nan
Beginning Aerial Trapeze with Nan/Maddie
Beginning Silks with Melissa
We apologize for any inconvenience and will take $10 off all aerial class sessions.

The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre, in partnership with ZUZI Dance and the Historic Y, is investing over half a million dollars to renovate The ZUZI! Theater space, a performance venue that has served the community as a home for movement, dance and theatre for nearly two decades.

When the renovation project is complete, theater and dance will have a beautiful, modernized home in which artist and student alike can build, explore and thrive.

While art can happen anywhere, Tucson has a shortage of fully equipped, modernized theatre spaces that can support the varied needs of dance, acrobatic arts, and theatre. S&S aims to build not one, but two flexible spaces that can serve as a home to some of the most exciting performance in Tucson.

The renovation project includes:

  • New audience-friendly theater entrance, complete with lobby, box office, concessions and waiting area
  • Three fully renovated bathrooms
  •  New MainStage space with completely new lighting and audio
  • Renovated black-box studio performance space, including new exterior entrance
  • Comfortable and roomy new theater seating
  • Two dressing rooms
  • Expanded loading dock
  • Scenic shop
  • Upgraded safety features


Bryan and Lizzie Falcón

This project is a love note from Bryan and Elizabeth Falcón of The Soundrel &Scamp Theater to the greater Tucson community. Scoundrel & Scamp, a 501(c)3 non-profit, have embarked on this project in order to create an amazing space for people to come together around the arts with a desire to have a positive impact on the quality of life for the neighborhood and the city as a whole for years to come. All of us here at ZUZI! are excited and honored to be a part of both their process and the final theater space.


The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre

The Scoundrel & Scamp Theatre seeks to create a space in which local artists and audience of all ages can explore deep and provocative questions regarding self, tribe, life, death and what it ultimately means to be human.

As a non-profit committed to serving the people of Tucson, they aim to bring our local community together to share story as experience, and within that experience, share differing perspectives and world views.

Coming out of election season in 2016, S&S began to see cultural narratives at war with each other. Given the current turn that technology has taken, it has been easy for us to fall into a siloed experiences within the confines of social media. Within our siloes, it has become more difficult to find, let alone have real conversations with, people with whom we disagree.

While Scoundrel & Scamp welcome current theatre audiences through their doors with open arms, they also strive to attract a new generation of theater goers. Their aesthetic is designed to broaden appeal to a young(er) demographic and beyond – S&S are looking to connect with the adventurous retiree, the disillusioned gen-xer and the young adult looking for meaning in the world. No matter the audience, they will engage via immersive theatre with a strong focus on inquiry and language.

The company will bring a unique blend of dark aesthetic, wit, inquiry and language to the stage in Tucson.

The Scoundrel & Scamp Theater does not shy away from beautiful and challenging material, both in tone and idea. They acknowledge that the world we live in can be grim, but as artists we work to capture the beauty in every story, no matter the content. This season at the S&S Theater features Victorian horror, mystical Appalachian spirits, Salome dancing for the head of John the Baptist and survivors of an apocalyptic event finding solace in the lost tales of the Simpsons. Dark and beautiful fare, all.

  • S&S will offer our community an annual season of high quality, challenging theatrical works ranging from classics to new.
  • S&S will provide youth with classes, mentorship and performance opportunities through which we will cultivate the next generation of Tucson theatre artists, with emphasis on collaboration, imagination, inquiry, and training.
  • S&S will renovate, maintain, and make available an affordable, quality performance space to the local artist community, with particular emphasis on work relevant to Tucson and the Southwest.


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